I'm a Trainer

  1. GO SESH is a business management platform for personal trainers and fitness teachers. We also help connect individuals to unique fitness opportunities provided by our community of personal trainers & teachers.
  2. We believe in using fitness opportunities to explore the world, to escape the mundane, to connect with the community and environment around us. GO SESH is about being able to train anywhere in the world.
  3. Anyone can use GO SESH. We welcome all walks of life, as long as you’re looking for fitness and adventure! Our trainers are passionate about creating unique fitness experiences and dedicate their time and energy to their craft. If you’re looking to do that too, we’d love to have you join our community of awesome trainers and share your fitness experience with members of your community! For those teachers and trainers hosting fitness and wellness related events, they must have the appropriate certifications.
  4. When the founders of GO SESH looked at the fitness community, they realized there was a real need to diversify both the workouts offered and places in which people could exercise. For trainers specifically, they saw that trainers were limited to working exclusively in gyms or struggling to build their own clientele. At GO SESH, we empower teachers & trainers to work for themselves by giving them the tools to run their personal business. When you become a member of our community, you become an entrepreneur -- maybe not Richard Branson, but pretty close. As a business management platform, we help trainers schedule their classes, build their client base, manage and grow their social media and marketing presence, and most importantly, cultivate and share the fitness experience they’ve always wanted to pursue. You can host sessions in your local community, as well as anywhere in the world.
  5. A “sesh” is an abbreviation for session, or a class. A sesh can be described as a specific period of time devoted to having a blast doing a particular activity.
  6. Our main sesh types are yoga, free training, personal training, mixed training, and well being, but really, we’re an open book. Our site welcomes anything that brings communities together and people outside of their regular fitness routines.
  7. Once you’ve created your trainer profile, there are two ways to add a new sesh. On our home page, the “quick help” on the upper right side of the page allows you to quickly add a new sesh. Alternatively, you can head to your personal dashboard (by clicking “my dashboard” under your name on the homepage), and click “add a new session”. Follow the steps provided and you’ll be groovin’ in no time!
  8. Once your client checks into your class, they will receive an email confirmation. Within this confirmation, they’ll receive the time, date and location of your class - with google map instructions.
  9. This part’s up to you. We offer three trainer packages, each priced (per month) according to the services offered.
    1. When you join our site as a “Sesh Basic” ($0), you can host unlimited sessions and store up to ten clients. You’ll be set up with a personal trainer profile where we handle digital invoices for your posted classes. The Go Sesh Transaction Fee is $2 per transaction + our payment provider Stripe takes a further 2.9% + 30c flat fee.
    2. Join as a “Sesh All Star” ($49), and you’ll receive unlimited sessions, unlimited client storage, and we’ll manage your work book and track your sales results. Additionally, we’ll provide digital invoicing, a messaging service to communicate with your clients, the ability to create personal promo codes, and class package options. In this plan, Go Sesh does not take any Transaction Fees but our payment provider Stripe takes 2.9% + 30c flat fee.
    3. Be a full-fledge GO SESH trainer with our “Sesh MVP” ($99), and you’ll receive unlimited sessions, unlimited client storage, and we’ll manage your work book and track your sales results. Additionally, we’ll provide digital invoicing, a messaging service to communicate with your clients, the ability to create personal promo codes, class package/subscription options, personalized marketing and shout-outs on our instagram page! This package offers full management and exposure to a new client base. Bloody frothing, we know. In this plan, Go Sesh does not take any Transaction Fees but our payment provider Stripe takes 2.9% + 30c flat fee.
  10. The sign up process differs depending on your pricing plan. If you choose Basic, all you need to fill out is your name, email, and address (phone number is optional), and once you’ve posted a session, you’ll be prompted to fill out your payout details so you can get paid. If you are signing up as ALL STAR or MVP, you’ll be asked for your credit card details.
  11. A demo is a free trial period for you to use the platform. During the demo period, you’ll have full access to the platform, and GO SESH encourages you to experiment and escape the mundane. The demo will last 14 days.
  12. After your free trial is completed, your membership will automatically roll over into a monthly subscription plan. The amount charged is dependent on the plan you subscribed to with your free trial.
  13. You can visit the Membership page to see number of days left on your trial. It will be stated under the membership plan you chose to trial.
  14. We have your back. The week before your trial ends, you will receive an email from our customer service team informing you on the number of days you have left and ways to upgrade or downgrade your account status.
  15. Yes you can! Downgrading your membership is an easy 2 step process:
    1. Visit the billing section of your account located HERE
    2. If you wish to downgrade to the ALL STAR plan click 'Downgrade to All Star ($49 per month)' or if you wish to downgrade to the free BASIC plan, please complete the survey and click 'Send'
    You will receive an email to confirm your downgrade is complete!
  16. We offer customer service support weekdays between 9:30AM and 5:30PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) via live chat or email.
  17. Our marketing team creates original creative content to promote your personal trainer page and individual classes. We’ll create Instagram stories that we’ll post on our page to further promote your classes and you as an individual! We also create trainer spotlights that will be posted on our blog as well as videos highlighting fun classes. You can use all of this creative content to promote your own personal brand and classes. Just as a reminder, you will have to be SESH MVP to receive marketing materials from the GO SESH team.
  18. Under your personal dashboard, you’ll see a “my clients” tab. Here you can see a list of your clients and the last class they checked into. In this tab, You can also add new clients to your clientele list.
  19. There is a 2 step verification process when it comes to adding your payout details. The first step is providing your identity information - this tells us and our payment provider you’re a real person. The second step is linking your bank details so we can pay you that cash cash money money! If, for any reason, your payout details get rejected its because one of the 2 steps was not able to be verified - please email [email protected] and we can help sort out your account!
    Here’s a quick checklist to ensure your payout details are accepted:
    1. After clicking on ACCOUNT DETAILS, and SET UP (under Payout Methods), make sure you complete all the fields to confirm your identity. Here’s the direct link : https://www.gosesh.co/payout/setup
    2. When uploading your identity document, make sure this is a clear image of either a driver’s license, passport copy or government issued I.D. - sorry no library cards!
    3. On the next page, ensure all of your bank details are also completed. Here’s the direct link : https://www.gosesh.co/payout/methods
    4. If you run into any further issues, email [email protected] and they’ll help you from there!
  20. To verify your payout details, you must enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN). Entering the last 4 digits of your Social is required by our payment provider Stripe. They are quite strict in making sure if they are transferring the money from a client to your personal account, you are a verified individual. Every country has its own laws when it comes to paying out funds to individuals and companies. These are typically known as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) regulations. Here is a short article on why Stripe requires this information HERE.. The payment details form you are completing on our website is directly submitted to Stripe and the last 4 digits of your SSN are not stored anywhere on our platform. No one will be able to see the digits or retrieve this information once it's submitted to Stripe's secure server.
  21. The GO SESH team isn’t responsible for individual class refunds, that’s up to you! You are responsible for deciding your individual refund policy, and whatever it is, we will support it as you deserve to be compensated for your time. If you do wish to grant a refund, just email us and we’ll arrange the rest. If your client has additional questions about this policy, have them send us an email at [email protected]
  22. Once you’re logged in to your account, you’ll find a tab labeled “messages” on the upper right-hand side of the page. This is your private message portal for professional use. Here you can communicate with your clients in case you need to cancel a class, or get in touch with your participants. You can only message clients who have previously checked in to your class. For clients who have never checked in to your session before, they are able to send you a direct message via your profile.
  23. Participants must prepay to participate in classes. Before they can officially check into a class, they are prompted to enter their card details. We do this to make sure our trainers are protected and compensated for their effort to arrange each class.
  24. You can’t create two separate price options for one sesh. You can, however, request a promo code for a specific class that will offer certain clients a discount on that sesh. Just email your account manager (they would have emailed you when you registered) or [email protected] and we can set up your code.
  25. We thought you’d never ask. We have a “send-offer feature”, which enables you to find clients within your area. Each time a new client joins your area, you’ll receive a notification from the GO SESH team. Once you receive this notification, you can send them an offer and invite them to your sesh!
  26. Under your personal dashboard, you’ll see a “transaction history” tab. Here you’ll be able to view your total earnings and each individual transaction for anyone who has booked into your class.
  27. If you’re interested in learning more about a collaboration with trainers in your area, shoot us an email at [email protected]
  28. This could be due to a few different reasons.
    1. Your free trial offer only lasts for a certain period of time which is stated on your registration page after you have applied your free trial discount code.
    2. If your account was charged, you didn't cancel or downgrade your account before your free trial ended. If you didn't want to continue with the subscription service once your free trial ends, you must downgrade the service or cancel your paid membership by visiting the billing section of your account and downgrading. You can visit your billing section located HERE
  29. Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll be stoked to hear about your latest experience. 🤙🏼