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  1. GO SESH is a health and fitness platform that helps connect individuals with unique fitness opportunities in their community.
  2. We believe in using fitness opportunities to explore the world, to escape the mundane, to connect with the community and environment around us. GO SESH is about being able to train anywhere in the world.
  3. Anyone can use GO SESH. We welcome all walks of life, as long as you’re looking for fitness and adventure!
  4. When the founders of GO SESH looked at the fitness community, they realized there was a real need to diversify in both the workouts offered and places in which people could exercise. Regular gym routines could be both mundane and expensive, while limited options existed in local communities to provide an alternative. GO SESH fills both of these needs, bringing trainers and trainees alike outside and connecting with their local communities. GO SESH connects you with trainers in your local area, allowing you to grow unique relationships and meet more people around you!
  5. Our main sesh types are yoga, free training, personal training, mixed training, and well being, but really, anything that brings communities together is welcome on our site. We’ve got meditation, cannabis infused yoga, hiking, and much more. Where can I find a listed class or sesh (as we like to call it)? When you reach the home page, you can enter your city or zipcode in the search field to find a session near you. Or, you can scroll down the page to see the Top Sessions offered section and the categories of classes from which you can choose.
  6. GO SESH is currently hosting classes in the United Kingdom and the United States. From another country? Don’t sweat it, we might be expanding to your area soon 😉
  7. When you click on an individual class, there will be a “location” tab located next to both “about this sesh” and “photos” tabs. This will show you the city your class is in as well as an interactive map of the specific location. If there are any updates to your class, your trainer will contact you through our messaging system to keep you in the loop. You’ll also get a confirmation email once you sign up for a class, and in that you’ll be able to see the class’s location as well as click for Google Map Directions.
  8. If you click on an individual class, the trainers schedule will pop up on the bottom right side of your screen. Under this schedule, a “check in” button sits right next to the class listed. If you click on the “check in” button, you’ll be directed to the check in page, and one step closer to getting outside and movin’!
  9. Search your favorite trainer by their trainer code listed on their profile and you’ll be able to see their class schedule.
  10. Each class page will indicate the class time. You can find each class time listed next to the “check in” button. You can also find it if you hover your computer mouse over each class image icon while searching session type. This is also listed within each confirmation email you recieve when you sign up for a class.
  11. Once you create an account, you’re able to send direct messages to the trainers of classes you’ve signed up for. Here you can communicate if you’re late, or can’t make the class. Just a reminder that each trainer has their own refund policy and if you can’t attend a class, you’ll have to ask your Trainer about refunding your payment. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] to get in touch with them.
  12. Each class has an “about this sesh” section. If you click on this section, you will find out more about your trainer, their ethos, and your class! Sometimes trainers will post links to their social media or private web pages to give you an opportunity to learn more about them as trainers and individual people. Our trainers are awesome, so don’t be afraid to get to know them!
  13. Not all trainers offer packaged class deals, but if your favorite trainer does, you can find them by clicking on their trainer profile. Under their profile, there will be a “subscriptions tab”. Under this tab you will find their individual package deals. Also don’t be afraid to send them a message and request an individual package!
  14. On our home page, you’ll see an open tab labeled “find a sesh near me”. Here you can enter your zip code and explore all the cool fitness options in your local area! If you don’t know your zip code, or city - you can just click ‘find a sesh’ and see what’s shaking nearby.
  15. You can specify your searches by location, session type, price, and dates. You can find this on the top of the category pages or within the “find a sesh near me” open field.
  16. You can check out the latest trainer spotlights, creative content and trainer instagram stories on our instagram page @go.sesh. We also actively post on our Facebook page, so follow both and get groovy with us!
  17. Unfortunately not. They will have to check in individually. We do this to make sure trainers have full knowledge of who’s in their class. Each individual is also required to agree to the terms and conditions of the session.
  18. Joining GO SESH is completely free. Our classes are pay-as-you-go. This means you aren’t tied to any GO SESH monthly, or yearly subscriptions.
  19. When you go to check in for a class, you will automatically receive a prompt to enter your card details to pay for each class. We accept all major credit card providers except for Discovery. If you have any specific questions about billing, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
  20. Nope Soz! All of our classes are prepaid to reserve your spot in a class. We do this to make sure our trainers are protected and compensated for their effort to arrange each class. Once your spot is reserved, this allows your trainer to communicate with you directly.
  21. After clicking the ‘check in’ button on a trainer’s schedule, you’ll be taken to the ‘confirm your session’ page, scroll to the bottom of this page. Left of the “confirm booking button” is a link that says “Have a promo code?”. Once you click on this link, you are able to enter your promo code and redeem an epic discount.
  22. Reimbursements for unattended sessions are up to the trainer who hosted the event. You can either message your trainer directly, or email us at [email protected] so we can help you work it out.
  23. If the trainer had to cancel the session, or doesn’t attend a class you will be granted an automatic refund. If you have any specific issues regarding refunds, email [email protected] and we’ll work it out with you!
  24. Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll be stoked to hear about your latest experience. 🤙🏼