Many of us are yogis in the making. This probably includes you since you are reading this.
Nowadays many people in the West think that hatha yoga is the beginning and end of yoga. But what yoga really means is "union with God" which is so much more than just hatha yoga.
A Master of Yoga is one who has mastered his body and mind to the extent that he has experienced this oneness or union with God through raising the mystical power of kundalini to a high psychic center. As such, we can learn much from one who has attained such a Spiritual state. Dr. George King is an outstanding example of a Master of Yoga in this modern era.
In this King Yoga Experience event you will learn an essential yogic technique used by Dr. King which will help lead you towards union with God. We will also share several of the attributes of Dr. King that we can apply to our everyday life to further our journey along as yogis. For example, he liked to point out that not only was Jesus a great Master, he was also a very good carpenter!
It is this kind of attention and excellence in all aspects of our life that defines both the Master and the genuine aspirant.
We hope you will join us for this enlightening experience!


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