• $150
  • Wellbeing
  • Max 10 people
  • Indoor

Build a stronger foundation to nourish and move your body. A stronger foundation to THRIVE.
A spinoff of our incredibly successful THRIVE workshop, this 5-week series will challenge you to own your responsibility to live a fulfilled life of purpose and passion with a full ass cup.
This goal of this series? To provide you with powerful tools and resources + hold you accountable to THRIVING the way you deserve to.
Week 1: THRIVE like you mean it
Let go of the picture that is no longer serving you and paint your own. We will define what thriving truly looks like and feels
like to YOU.
Week 2: Lets talk about sex, baby.
Sex is a basic human need but we all don't need or want it in the same way. And it's the same with our relationships, both romantic and not. Learn how to talk to your partner(s) and friends about what you really want and need.
Week 3: Fuel the THRIVE
Are you underestimating the power of what you eat and how you move? Most of us do. Learn the best ways to eat and grind for your body, your mind and your life.
Week 4: It's all in your head
There is as much opportunity to thrive as there is air to breathe. Together we will face our limiting beliefs and shatter them with our power to change them.
Week 5: Attendee's choice
Who should attend? This gang is for anyone who is ready to own their power to thrive on a daily basis but needs a little guidance and support doing so. This gang is for YOU!
The group will meet for an hour and half every Thursday in downtown Gainesville in a pretty awesome hidden gem.
What you will discover:
-How to deepen your awareness + your relationship with yourself
-How to stop comparing yourself to others wellness journey and embrace where you are
-How to enhance your productivity, focus and stamina through nutrition and movement
What's included in your ticket price:
-5 weeks of THRIVING
-All workshop + self-care materials
-High vibrational snacks + drinks


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The THRIVE Series

  • $150
  • Wellbeing
  • Max 10 people
  • Indoor
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