• $120
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Past Life Regression is one of the most amazing healing modalities. It reveals meaning and self-understanding, clears physical and emotional blocks, and illuminates the path towards our highest personal good.
Through relaxation and guided regression, we can connect more deeply with ourselves, uncover remarkable details about our habits, release unwanted patterns and behavior, and explore the subconscious to feel more free, light, peaceful, and happy.
Previous experiences - including any past moment in your life now as well as during childbirth, in utero, and past lives - influence current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual hindrances. Remembering and witnessing past experiences can reduce burdens, resolve issues, and remove blocks and baggage.
Past life regression can assist you in filling in the autobiographical narrative of your soul and leave you with a better understanding of who you are, why you are here, what is your purpose, and what lessons will help you evolve into a more peaceful being.
Benefits of Past Life Regression:
- Understand your purpose here in this lifetime
- Discover karmic patterns and connections
- Heal pain, tension, chronic symptoms, and physical limitations
- Explore the cause(s) and origin(s) of unexplained fears and phobias
- Tune into your inner wisdom and divine nature
- Release blocks and clear patterns of stuck behavior
- See personal relationships in a new light
- Energize talents and abilities from the past
- Experience the transitional states of death and beyond
- Better understand the challenges you face in this lifetime
- Heal grief, heartbreak, emotional baggage, and mental anguish
- Deepen your love for others
- Feel a greater connectedness to other people and the world
- Transform and widen your perspective on your current life and great soul journey
- Learn from the dynamics of significant relationships as they evolve over time, especially connections with current family members and close friends
- Reclaim your personal power and feeling of wholeness and self-integration

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Past Life Regression Session

  • $120
  • Wellbeing
  • Max 1 people
  • Indoor
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