Dates: Oct 15th - Nov 7th, 2018
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Time: 9:15am
Price: $250
Location: Compass Fitness
Included: 2 days/week of small group training incorporating weights, boxing, HIIT, cardio and hands on instruction and training + 2 bodyweight homework workouts/week provided by all the instructors and delivered on the Fresh Fitness App + a 30 Day nutritional guideline program
Description: Join this one of a kind fitness collaboration with Denver's top notch instructors/owners of Compass Fitness (Jillian, Heather, Tara and Cory) and Personal Trainers/Fresh Fitness App creators (Sarah Fox and Jourdan Baldwin). During the 30 days of this program you will be led through two heart pumping classes a week including boxing, HIIT, strength training and metabolic conditioning and also have (2) bodyweight homework workouts to complete on the Fresh Fitness App designed by the instructors themselves. This program is perfect for anyone who wants a complete reset on their fitness routine or to switch it up and have something to hold them accountable. Be prepared to laugh A LOT, sweat even more, meet some incredible people in your community and feel an immense amount of support from our team. Spots ARE LIMITED as equipment is limited so make sure to sign up ASAP!


Training Location

FRESH and FIT (Early Bird) 9:15-10:15am

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