Join us for a weekend dedicated to learning, moving and healing. Learn the basics of Yoga with a detailed breakdown of fundamental poses like downward facing dog and chair pose! We will support one another in conversation about plant medicine and its relationship to yoga and its historical significance.
Your ticket includes tea ceremony, yoga/meditation and snacks for both Saturday and Sunday. Dress in clothes that are as flexible as you are, and bring yourself some water. We strongly encourage drinking lots of water the days leading up to this series to prepare you for deep breath work. Yoga mats are provided but you are absolutely invited to bring your own if you’d prefer! We can’t wait to share with you and practice with you!
*this workshop is the prerequisite for Beginners’ series B (coming soon)*
Investment: $150 includes both Saturday and Sunday
Saturday June 15th 12-3pm:
Yoga philosophy and history talk
Canna and tea ceremony
Group meditation
Pose break down
Mini vinyasa flow
Savasana neck massages
Closing notes
Group meditation
Sunday June 16th 12-3pm:
Tea ceremony
Review of previous day’s flow/questions
Break down of new poses
Full vinyasa flow
Closing notes
Canna ceremony
Snack /chill


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Elevated Yoga- Beginner Series A

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