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Calling all adventurers!
We're heading back to one of our all-time favorite hot springs this December & January, and we want to take you with us! Located 55 miles up a rough dirt road, completely disconnected from the outside world, sits a palm tree oasis with a series of pristine hot springs in the middle of the desert. This well-loved and protected oasis is maintained year-round by many dedicated volunteers and hot springs enthusiasts, making it a true gem tucked away in the middle of nowhere. There are vault toilets, hot showers, dish areas, a community fire pit, and many other hidden treasures and surprises.
There isn't much that Brian and I love more than sharing our passions for yoga & acroyoga with others. We will be offering either a yoga class or an acroyoga workshop & jam each of the 5 days of this adventure. Additionally, bring your hula hoops, LED flow toys, fire spinning props, etc. Let's have a flow sesh in the middle of the desert together!
This one is NOT for the faint of heart. If you prefer to stay fully connected to technology and the outside world, move right along (bye Felicia!). This sesh is geared towards those of you who are seeking to DISCONNECT completely and RECONNECT with yourselves and with mama Earth (and make some badass connections along the way!). We recommend staying for 5 days, but we've seen some folks make this a weekend trip. Brian and I will be out there for two weeks or longer:) (Yes, it's that good!!)
You will be FULLY off grid** the duration of your time at this remote location. Use this as an opportunity to disconnect completely from the stresses and pressures of society while you connect deeply with the natural world. A few days of yoga in nature (combined with hot spring soaking in the healing and mineral-rich waters of the springs) will have you recharged and blissed out. (**depending on your cell phone carrier, you may have spotty service, but don't count on it!)
-An ample supply of food & water (prepare for twice as many days as you plan to stay - extra water is always a good idea!)
-Camping gear or a vehicle to sleep in
-A sturdy vehicle with a spare tire
-Yoga mat & flow toys
-A hunger for adventure!
-About 7 hours from Reno, Las Vegas, and LA
-8.5 hours from Sacramento
(This is accounting for the fact that this location is very remote, many miles up a dirt road. We promise you, it's worth it!)
Please contact us with further questions. We can't wait to flow in the desert with you!!


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Desert Oasis Flow Sesh

  • donation based
  • Free Training
  • Max 25 people
  • Outdoor
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