Been dying to try out those Acro moves you've been seeing all over instagram? This is your time to fly! (pun intended.)
@ModernTarzan and @AcroSprout are hosting a beginner's workshop with LUNCH INCLUDED from SweetGreen! This is the perfect way to get your toes wet in the world of Acro Yoga. In this 2.5 hour class you'll be learning the basics of acro communication, trust & etiquette, progression workouts and warm-ups, and of course the 101 on where to start in this beautiful practice!!
$40 early bird special until May 20th. Ticket prices will go up after that. Since we are including catered lunch from Sweet Green, we will close the ticket sales on May 31st.
Class Schedule:
9:30- 10 AM Check in & Solo warm-up
10 AM - 12:30 PM Beginner Acro Yoga Class
12:30 - 1 PM Questions & Photos
1 PM Lunch hosted by SweetGreen
Do I need experience to join?
No. There is NO experience needed to join this intensive. And by no experience, we mean it. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Bring your booty over here and we PROMISE you will learn some fun new tricks and surprise yourself. Guaranteed.
If I am more than a beginner, is this class a good fit?
If you’ve tried acro a few times or have been practicing for a few months, you will definitely get some foundational techniques that will help progress your practice. Plus, this is a great way to meet other Acro Yogi’s in the LA community! This class, however, is not geared toward intermediate practitioners but you will definitely still have fun touching up on your foundations.
Do I need a partner to join?
No. While a partner is not required, it is nice to bring a buddy that you will continue to practice these moves with. If you do NOT have a partner, do not worry! We will be partnering up into groups and switching flyers and bases so you can hop into a group and make new friends there!
Can I customize my lunch for dietary preferences?
Absolutely. We just need at least 3 days prior to the workshop to let SweetGreen know!
Do I need to bring a yoga mat or anything else?
Yes. Please bring your mat or a blanket. We will bring a few extra mats and blankets if you don’t have one available! Bring Sunglasses!
Where do I park?
There is a beach parking lot nearby (bring $10 to $15 cash) or there is up to 5 hour street parking but come early to get your spot!
“Seriously so much fun. You gave us so much to work on and so many laughs. It was the perfect combination! Couldn’t have done those transitions without your cues. It made all the difference in making it challenging by doable!!”
-Ellie Ewing - @ellie.ewing
“Your class was splendid. I really love the exercises you do to prepare your body for different shapes and holds. Most of those were new, but made a lot of sense to teach the body awareness. Definitely some fun ones to use from now on!”
-Brittany Tan - @4everchanged2016
“I felt like a kid again. Truly just pure joy.”
-Sam Reynolds - @journeysforthesoul


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