• $1850
  • Yoga
  • Max 12 people
  • Outdoor

-6 night 7 day accommodation (May 22-28) at Ubud’s eco-cottage and organic farm, located steps away from Ubud’s main center.
(Double bed in private traditional room)
-Traditional Balinese offering class
-Airport transfer to hotel
-Welcome refreshment
-Welcoming ceremony
-Free use of yoga shala, mats, blocks and straps.
-Daily morning mantra, journaling, tea, meditation and Intention setting
-2x Daily yoga classes: Morning meditation/flow + Nightly restorative yoga
Classes will be a fusion of Traditional Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Power Yoga techniques and will often be accompanied by acupressure and relaxing / deepening physical adjustments.
-3x Physical Workshops: These 3 physically demanding workshops have been designed to help strengthen and improve your yoga practice through fine tuning, alignment, Body awareness, self-adjustment, and muscle + flexibility development.
*Transitions: Discovering ways to move through yoga poses not only fluidly and gracefully, but in a way that is beneficial for your practice. Each pose feeds off the other to create continuous transitions.
*Inversions: We will have lots of fun upside down, building strength through your neck, spine and midline, while getting blood flowing to your head and building balance throughout your body. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, there will be variations available for all skill levels and Inversions are beneficial at every level!
*Instagram fuel: Strike your favorite pose, explore acro yoga techniques, make shapes with others, laugh with friends, and get those perfect insta pics. I’ll teach you everything I know about “pretty” yoga poses and beautiful partner choreography. I will also use my professional camera to help you capture beautiful moments of you and your practice. Although some might think this is a lesser important workshop i’m offering, these are memories you’ll have to hold on to, save, remember, and share with loved ones for a lifetime.
-3x mental workshops:
*How To Go Vegan + Nutrition: Talking food addiction, binge eating and my personal history with eating disorders, health facts, benefits of transitioning to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and ways that you can start making the transition yourself.
*Karma + Kindness + Compassion + Community: Living a life in harmony with nature, animals, and others around you, will allow you to manifest the positive energy you want to surround yourself with and attract good things into your life. We will discuss ways you can manifest the ultimate wealth of true bliss, through love, compassion, and community.
*Finding Self-Love: A huge part of mental health is dependent on how we perceive ourselves, and that idea often comes from the way others perceive us. You are enough, and we want yuu to see that all the love you need is already within yourself. This workshop will help to let go of all of the negative reinforcement, and disapproval society has programmed within us. Once you leave you will find a new appreciation and understanding of your self-worth, shift your focus from body competition to body kindness, and find happiness in embracing your true and incredibly unique, beautiful self.
-3x Daily Vegan Organic Meals: Most meals are farm to table from the hotels garden.
-We will have several meals at my personal favorite vegan spots throughout Ubud.
-+ 3 of the days you can choose the option of doing a 3 day juice cleanse instead (please let me know in advanced if you’d like to do this option).
-Cocao Ceremony + ecstatic dance
-Fire and transformation ceremony
-Balinese dance class with a local balinese instructor.
-Group waterfall hike field trip
-Water temple purification cleanse field trip
-Group lunches in Ubud’s best spots
-Photography throughout retreat
-Access to pool
-One Balinese massage
-yoga barn 1 class card: free to use for any class, but recommended to use at Sunday morning’s ecstatic dance.
**All activities are optional.


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Bali Yoga and Wellness Retreat (Private accommodation)

  • $1850
  • Yoga
  • Max 12 people
  • Outdoor
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