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You are only as strong as your weakest link.
We are strong at certain angles and limited in others
because of traditional exercises or repetitive movement patterns.
This is why I feel so passionate about flow because it allows to gain body awareness.
Body awareness is the sense that we have of our own bodies.
It is an understanding of the parts that make up your body,
where they are located, how they feel, and even what they can do.
In this Animal FLow Series, you will learn the basic flow movements that make up the Animal Flow practice.
The main objectives for this series are:
1. Learn the fundamental moves that make up Animal Flow
2. Build body awareness around joints functions
3. Muscle activations to maximize other training methodologies (strength training, conditioning, bodybuilding)
4. Learn to free flow utilizing different moves that make up the Animal Flow practice.
5. Learn and follow cues for group flowing
6. Be part of the biggest flow jam in Atlanta!
These series will start on Sept 1st and it will be held every other Saturday (1st Saturday of the month and 3rd Saturday of the month) If you are not able to make it to a session, don't get disappointed, you will have time to catch up.
Our last session will be held at a secret location and it will be your graduation as Flowistas!


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Animal Flow Series

  • free
  • Free Training
  • Max 30 people
  • Indoor
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