My goal is to move through everything I do with Authenticity and Love. It is always my intention to create an environment in which you can feel safe to hold space for yourself, exactly where you are and as you are. To create a space where one can lean into their subtle body is how we are all able to drop into the feeling body and out of the thinking mind, which is profoundly empowering and healing. As a teacher I help you explore the deeper layers of being through breath and energy awareness. Postures are held with the intention of building strength, confidence in "being with" the discomfort while simultaneously developing a feeling of ease.

When we can understand pain and distress as information, we are able to uncover what is blocking us from total Wellness, from who we desire to be and how we desire to live. There is a ROOT CAUSE of all chronic body & mind imbalances and I guide you in towards it - only so it may be LET GO OF so that you can finally move forward and reconnect deeply with your Self and your Life. Yoga Therapy provides the tools of body awareness through gentle movements, meditations, breathwork and visualization that reintegrate the disconnection we experience when we have pain. Wellbeing Coaching provides powerful techniques around unblocking old mental patterns and habits that are no longer serving us and allows for the mental and emotional repatterning that is necessary for achieving what you want and need out of this very precious life.
You Can.
You Are Allowed.
You Are Ready.

Allow me to guide you back home into your Greatest Self. Wellness is your Birth Right.
Reclaim it and Be Empowered!

Distance Coaching is available via phone or video. In-Person Coaching local to Los Angeles, California

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