"The mat is a place for self-discovery, self-reflection, mindfulness, and healing. On the mat, we meet ourselves on a deeper level and connect with the heart." I began my Yoga journey in January 2014, when a friend asked me to accompany her to a class. The feeling of love, happiness, and lightness I felt after class kept me coming back regularly, and so my love affair with Yoga was born. As my practice became more serious, I quickly understood that Yoga is more than just the physical work of poses. As I continued to discover myself on my mat, I began healing traumas I was not even aware I had. Exploring other healing modalities, such as conscious eating, breath work, meditation, and yoga therapy, transformed me as a person and the teacher I am today.
In my classes, I love to play with the dualities of effort and ease. Linking breath to movement, I combine strong flows with a soft, peaceful energy to allow for opening, expansion, and healing to take place in the body and mind. I design my classes with ample opportunities for playful flows that can be modified for beginners, and amplified for seasoned practitioners.

Training Location

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