Dedicated to international education for over 15 years, helping learners obtain goals in a variety of areas including movement, improv, dance, debate, web design, as well as extensive experience as an elementary and special education teacher and administrator, I have a varied and vast history in designing, implementing and reviewing curriculum and learning. ​​​​​

Yoga made its debut in my life as a restorative practice to compliment the physical demands of ballet. It wasn't for several years that I incorporate asanas into my movement practice and even longer before a regular practice found its way into my daily life. Once I found my teacher, Anna Laurita, I knew my calling was to attend yoga teacher training and in 2014 after a few years of a dedicated practice, I started teaching regularly.

My 15 year career as a varied and skilled international educator and administrator translated easily into strategies and assets for teaching yoga. I strive to design learning experiences that meet all learners, all people where they are and helps them embody a path of light to achieve their goals.

As a yoga teacher, I am committed to sharing this practice as much as I can, in whatever ways I can. In addition to teaching asana, I'm a certified pranayama coach and rebirther, I offer reiki and chakra balancing, create and treat with aromatherapy, am training in sound healing, trained in nidra and am an ayurvedic consultant. Each month I offer free classes for women of domestic abuse and help craft their program and training of life skills, not just yoga. Additionally, I support several charities from stray and endangered animals in Asia to educational initiatives and children charities worldwide.

I am a passionate learner and a dedicated yogi, studying around the globe and training as much as I can.

In 2017, I started offering the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sri Lanka, where I am connecting and growing with the yoga community there.


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