Heather Archer, your Yoga Muse, is a native Californian who's time spent connecting to Spirit and mother nature have always been a cherished part of her life. Heather became a certified yoga instructor through the Mukti Teacher Training Program in 2007 and eventually went on to receive her 500RYT. She has been teaching all levels of Vinyasa Flow/ Hatha yoga classes all over the world for the past 10 years. "I feel at home in nature and at peace with my feet in the soil of the earth. My yoga mat has become a sacred place like this for me as well. A place for me to connect to my Spirit, my true essence, and the essence of this beautiful life." For Heather the practice of yoga is all about this connection.

Heather believes that through the practice of asana, breath, and mediation we carve new pathways in the body and the mind and shine light on the spaces that need it most to allow ourselves to heal. "As we do this we grow stronger, building trust in ourselves, and our intuitive body, and understanding that all we need to thrive in this world is already with in us. It's just awaiting our recognition. All the inspiration, all the strength, all the peace, all the love and support we could ever need, its right there."

Heather leads regular classes weekly in LA and leads retreats all over the word annually. Her intention is to inspire each student to MOVE into their full potential...creating a space of UNITY where they can heal and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually... STRENGTHENING their connection to Source and Self...and ultimately EVOLVING!

Heather has become one of the most sought after teachers in LA. Co-founder of Mantra Muse, a lifestyle brand, and a Blissed Yoga Retreat leader. Heather stays inspired by continuing to deepen her own personal practice threw continued education and life enhancing experiences.

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