My name is Annmarie Jessica Torrez and I was born & raised in Southern California. My upbringing through the inner city definitely inspired my own versions of 'California Dreamin'.

And I'm so grateful it happened that way.

I've always had a strong spiritual upbringing. Growing up through South East San Diego, church going was my first sacred ritual. Raised by a single mom who has chosen a path of substance abuse, music and dance became my medicine. By the time I found meditation in my teens it seemed like an even deeper understanding and connection to life was starting to take place. Having gone through the heavy obstacles of depression, eating disorders, and my own substance abuse so early in my life, Yoga and I found each other during a perfect part of my healing journey.

Kristyan Stjerne, Jano Galindo, and the entire tribe over at The Chula Vista Yoga Center really helped pave the way for what's been the journey of a lifetime. I found the studio right after my birthday in the Spring of 2008, at the peak of my struggles. This colorful, bright, abstract mural all alongside the building (right next door to a 7-11) with a sign that simply read "Yoga Center" became my saving grace. I carefully tip toed around to the entrance and there was a woman locking the gate. She greeted me and invited me inside. That's where for the first time I set my bare little feet into the reality of my dreams. I arrived in search for work but little did I know the kind of benefits I would receive. Here is where I learned the real meaning of living in our highest true potential. Here is where I found home.

By now, in 2018, I've accumulated over 500 Hrs of Yoga Teacher Trainings, traveled and lived in places around this world that were literally beyond my wildest dreams, and most importantly I continue to evolve into my most authentic and healthy self.

And I'm just getting started!

You can catch my seasonal workshops and teacher trainings at Mangala Yoga Maui and Mangala Yoga Telluride where I work side by side with my latest inspirations Maureen Gildersleeve and Anita Johnson. These women, without even trying, remind me on a daily basis of what it means to live your dharma... of what it means to live your purpose.

I've recently relocated to Encinitas, CA where I will be leading yoga retreats with some of my favorite health foodie friends ~ those details are coming soon so stay tuned!

I love using and sharing specific gems of wisdom + philosophy of the yoga practice into everyday living. So whether if you're growing through some mud, or simply soaking up all of the greatness in your life, I hope the things I share help you blossom and flow.

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