Personal Branding Tips for the Fitrepreneur

Mar 22, 2018 | in Fitness, Lifestyle, Business

Teaching is all about sharing spiritual and physical practice with your clients, but in this saturated market, you also need business skills to stay afloat. We’re here to help support you as an entrepreneur and give you some business ideas to throw into your marketing mix. Check out these tips on how to be an entrepreneurial trainer!

1. Know Your Brand

Running your own business requires being your own marketing maven. This means finding, refining, and focusing on your brand. What’s the message you want to show clients through your classes and your social media? Pro tip: know what’s important to you, and stick to it.  Now more than ever, “authenticity sells better than anything,” says J Brown, yoga teacher, writer, and host of the podcast Yoga Talks. Clients will not only want to take your classes, but they’ll also want to align with your personal ethos. To help shape your branding, take a real look at these two: your skill sets and your market.

Need inspo? Here are two trainers that own their branding. Rocky Heron, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher and incredible r&b/pop musician, continually engages his followers by providing new, high-resolution content, an original logo and a continuum of class promotion on his Instagram. Rocky mixes his love for music, in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment, and insane yoga skills into his brand. Rocky’s teaching mission is to, “help my students foster belief and enthusiasm in their own abilities.” Right on, Rocky!


Candyce Heather is GO SESH’s in-house girlboss. A certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert, Personal Trainer, women entrepreneur and Fitness Fashionista, Candyce promises to make you hustle. When you show up to class, expect that Candyce will bring the music, energy and dance fusion. A sickle-cell disease fighter, Candyce hasn’t let her disease hold her back in any way. She’s been a backup dancer for Kanye West, Rihanna, and Trey Songz, and wants to make you feel like you’re on stage, too. On her social media pages, Candyce posts high-resolution (and bada$$) photos, inspirational quotes and Instagram story updates to keep her followers engaged. She knows exactly who she is, and isn’t afraid to show off her strength, empower her followers, and push you to work for your results.


2. Engage With Your Clients

Never underestimate the old school “word of mouth” marketing strategy. Engage with your clients in person! If you’re teaching in an urban and crowded environment, it might be more challenging to form close relationships with your clients. The 9-5 worker might dash out of your morning class to avoid being late for work, or slug out of your night class exhausted from their day. Try your best to catch them in the beginning or during class. If they’re rushing out the door, greet them at the beginning of the next class. Find out their name and give them a shout out during class for their improved form. Strengthening your relationships with clients is key to building your client base.

Engage with them over social media. Your clients take time out of their day to take your class, so return the favor! Invest in getting to know who they are, what they’re interested in. Follow them back!

Pro tip: Take a group photo with your class after it’s finished! Grab their Instagram handles and tag them in the photo. This is a great way to showcase the volume and energy of your classes as well as class satisfaction!  

3. Keep Your Social Pages Updated

Make sure you’re posting content on your social media accounts. Whether it’s photos of your classes, group photos with your clients, solo shots of your latest beach yoga trip, make sure these photos high resolution. Your clients (and potential new clients) will perceive you as more professional and creative! Get more social media tips by reading Become a Social Media Pro in 4 Steps and 3 Sweet Instagram Tools to Use.

4. Post Classes

Put in work! Your business will not grow unless you’re dedicated to teaching. Yoga teacher Anne shares some of her tips on maximizing your teaching schedule while maintaining low stress levels, time to organize/manage your business, and free time for your personal life!

Schedule at least one, preferably two, days off per week just for you.Schedule classes back to back at the same location so you save on time and gas

Block one day off a week to work solely on your yoga business (if one whole day just doesn’t work, try two 4-hour chunks of time)

Schedule “CEO Dates” – at least 2 hours of time/week dedicated to mapping out your business and related tasks.

Want a corporate class or more private clients? (because they pay more) Take the newly freed up time to prospect and make calls every week until you solidify a job (or two).

Already have a private client? Get more out of your private clients by ensuring they sign up in advance for 4-6 week time periods. Also ask that they give you at least 24 hours advance notice of cancellations.

That way you don’t waste your time and have your sessions mapped out. If you feel comfortable, maybe even build in a retainer.

5. Network!

Just because you’re not in finance, doesn’t mean you can skip networking. Creating and expanding your professional network is still super important to be a successful instructor (partnering with companies and product endorsements are all ways to earn extra cash and meet people in the industry). It will help you increase your visibility, meet like-minded professionals, and increase your business opportunities in the short and long-term.

Networking doesn’t have to just be through official networking events. Try incorporating free/community classes into your schedules once a month - they help spread the world and build your local clientele. Reach out to other trainers on social media to collaborate! We’re sure there are other trainers trying to connect with you too, so reach out and lift each other up!

We know it can be overwhelming being a fitrepreneur, but we’ve got your back! At GO SESH all of our instructors are entrepreneurs and love what they’re doing. It takes some work, but it’s beyond rewarding. Let us know if you have any questions, or want to get in touch by sending us a message to [email protected]