Offer discounted or free offerings to your favorite clients with Promo Codes!

Promo Codes are a great marketing technique to get new clients to your sessions. 

1. Click “LOGIN” on the top right corner of your screen

2. Hover over your name on the top right of the screen

3. Click “PROMO CODES” on the dropdown menu

4. Create a Promo Code

5. Enter promo code name (6+ characters)

6. Choose TYPE

- Discount Amount: ie. $10, $12

- Discount Percentage: ie. 10%, 50%

7. Type in the Amount or Percentage 

8. Choose how many clients can use the promo code

9. Choose how many times a client can use the promo code

10. Choose which session/s the promo code can be used for

Still have a few more questions?
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for the full low down