How to Attract Clients to your Session

Jul 03, 2018 | in Fitness, Business

To put it simply, Master your brand
and the clients will come! 

If it were only that easy, right? Developing and mastering your brand is one of the most important strategies we recommend to instructors who are looking to jump-start their fitness & wellness careers.

So, how do you get there?

Master Your Brand...

STEP ONE: Develop Your Framework

Know what's important to you and stick to it! This means knowing ethos, what is the purpose of your brand, who your ideal client is, what values and beliefs you want to share through your class. The framework should reflect YOU and only you! This is what will help you stand out from everyone else. 


Always consider:

target audience - what demographic do you want to target? 

mission statement - the purpose, the passion, the reasoning you created your brand

create a voice - what makes you different than everyone else? 

market yourself - social media, the news, networking, flyers, word-of-mouth!

brand logo & tagline - think of Nike's swoosh and "just do it" but your own! 

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STEP TWO: Be Personable

If you want to truly connect with your clients, then reveal who you really are and don't be afraid to share your struggles and triumphs with them. Sincerity goes a long way and helps you develop those relationships with your clients on a level of loyalty. 

STEP THREE: Strong Social Media Content

Your clients, especially the ones you've connected with over social media, will want to take your classes based on the information you give to them on your social pages. Having a strong personal brand will help your clients perceive you as more professional, relatable, and overall much more legit. Use social media as a platform to cheaply market and strengthen your brand. 


STEP FOUR: Host an Epic Sesh

Not only will you be THE host of an epic sesh, but you will create an unforgettable memory for all your clients! You're building your brand and now your passion is your paycheck. Escape the Mundane!


Need more brand inspo? Check out our GO.SESH Instagram page or our website to see

our brand and other trainers express theirs! 

...and the clients will come


A client base won't build itself. Market yourself by networking, word-of-mouth, flyers, social media! 

Collaborate Locally - local brands, local businesses, start small

Connect on Social Media - Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, google what types of platforms your brand typically uses

Go to Industry Events - festivals, meet ups, group workouts, other fitness classes

Attend Conferences - building your brand's professionalism never hurts


Social media is the cheapest, most personalized form of marketing - take advantage of it!

For those you follow:  Comment on their pictures, like their pictures, repost their pictures! 

For your posts, always consider: Brand Ethos, Content Creation, Photo Quality


We provide a platform for hosting classes on our site while providing you with extra design and marketing support to boost your exposure. We have a "send offer feature", which enables you to find clients within your area. Each time a new client joins your area, you'll receive a notification from the GO SESH Team. Once you receive this notification, you can send them an offer and invite them to your sesh! At the forefront, we've found that increasing your engagement both in-class and online can increase your client base. In class, take some time and mindfulness to get to know their names and small details to stay updated in their lives. They've taken time out of their day to be present and learn from you and your brand

BASIC Trainers can upgrade via the Second Offer Email so you'll never miss any opportunity to connect with a client! 

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