Digital Identity & Content: You had me at "Follow"

Jun 29, 2018 | in Business

We live in a generation where marketing can be done in the palm of a 'fit'repreneur's hands - FOR FREE - all thanks to social media! Take advantage of that free-ninetynine.

Below is our 'How To' on creating your brand ethos + creating authentic, epic content

Brand Identity

Know your brand ethos, then compliment it with your brand identity (all the visual elements that your business creates) and share it with your community!

STEP 1: Brand Yourself

STEP 2: Brainstorm your brand identity. This creates a connection of loyalty and perception to your client!

What will make you instantly recognized? 

· Relate it to your services

Create consistency

· Typography: use the same typography on your websites, advertisements, everywhere

· Color: think of your school colors or your favorite team's colors. You remember it and relate it back to that team/brand! Refer to color psychology to help you decide what colors to choose.

How will you translate your brand?

· Do your perfect clients like to refer to services online - Should you create a website?

· What social media platforms do your perfect clients use?

· Are your perfect clients more tech savvy, do they love reading the newspaper, do they stop by a certain cafe every morning?

· How do you reach out to them?

Create a logo

· Make it simple, make it clean, make it easy to remember: this creates a professional and established identity

· Your logo should have the ability to be reduced in size without losing any quality, any text, any features

· All logos should be designed to be rendered in all black or in all white without losing meaning

· Builds awareness & familiarity

· This is the common visual element for all your marketing material

Business Website

· List all the services you offer

· Use your GO SESH Trainer Profile as your website!

Business Cards

· Business cards are becoming a thing of the past 

· Create a simple, memorable social media handle

· Create a simple website domain for your clients to search

Brand Voice

STEP 1: Recap your brand's beliefs

STEP 2: Find the common phrases that you always use to describe your brand

STEP 3: Decide what type of personality your brand has (ie: funny, serious, friendly, trendy)

STEP 4: Make sure you are always representing your fundament beliefs across all your content, advertising, social media posts, everything! This creates a similar experience for your client.

STEP 5: Figure out what expectations you want your brand voice to create

Content Creation

Smooth branding is not just about witty captions and cute colors, it's about showing everyone your professionalism - that you are too LEGIT. In the world of Digital Marketing, have your business links be your business card. Make sure your brand identity is on point for that digital first impression.

· Create content that makes your clients want to share with their community!

· Attract your tribe

    - What do your clients want to see from your brand?

    - Create content based off of your services

    - Create hashtags for your brand so you can track posts

· Be relevant, be relatable, be consistent

· Bring value & entertainment to everyone who sees your content

· Create emotive content (ie: moving, funny, awe-inspiring) - something positive!

· Provide a sense of belonging

    - Make your clients feel apart of your group, your community        

· Make sure you find good lighting (it doesn't have to be golden hour)

·  Capture shots of yourself teaching your clients 

·  Keep your feed cohesive with your personal branding 

·  Embrace the environment you want to share in your social posts


· If your teaching style is in a beautiful, serene meadow - take your tripod and take a selfie meditating in the middle of the meadow!

· Find a colorful mural or cool brick wall for a creative headshot

· Have a sesh in the city


· If your session is indoors or in a location where the lighting isn't great, make the post about your personality and the ethos of your brand.  

· Consider different indoor locations (ie: breweries, hotel pools, wineries) 




Photo Quality 

It might seem like an expensive and time-consuming goal, but it doesn't have to be! Most smartphones can take quality photos with the front-facing and rear-facing cameras. Ask a friend or a fitness colleague to snap some shots at your next workout! Make friends with a photographer and ask them to do a volunteer shoot of one of our sessions. If you don't have someone to take photos for you, play around with a self-timer to see if you can get a quality shot. has a few options for phone mounts and tripods for self-taping. 

Pro tip: wipe and clean the lens before you take any photos!

Express yourself through your pose, your clothing and your background choice - make everyone who views your page excited to take a sesh with you! Once you've mastered all that down, utilize all the sweet apps out there! 





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