Develop Your Brand in 5 Steps

Apr 03, 2018 | in Lifestyle, Business

So you’ve made the leap to start your own business. Before you go further, make sure you have your branding framework in place. You branding is what will set you apart from the crowd and help tell your unique story in a very oversaturated market. Who are you? What’s Your Brand Identity? And most importantly how are you going to show others your brand ethos ? Answer these five questions and you’ll be killin’ the game.  

1. Who are you?

Introduce yourself to the world, and give more than just your name. Share your interests, beliefs, goals, etc. Be an open book with people, and never stray away from the real you. It’s important to be yourself because no one wants to be called out for being a fake. When you’re honest and genuine, people will listen and connect with you.


2. Who’s your ideal client?

Once you know who you are, find out who your client is, and engage them. Follow other like-minded trainers and entrepreneurs and interact with the people that comment on their content. Clients will respond to a relatable voice.

3. Why are you different?

Whatever it is that makes you different from other trainers, studios, or gyms, tell us! It’s important in the fitness field to talk about the special benefits of your practice and why clients should invest in you rather than a gym membership. Show your uniqueness and spread good vibes; share your life story, inspirational quotes, and experiences that people can join. 

4. How will you market yourself?

Use social media! Everyone is on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter these days, so get posting. But be smart with your content. Killer content is key. Blog posts, a strong Instagram feed, fun quotes, etc. that match your personality/aesthetic.


4. How will you visually convey your brand?

Logos, brand colors, mantras, etc. Streamline your content to showcase to clients that you’re professional, organized, and prepared to change the way they do fitness. Your social feeds are your business cards.

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