Develop Your Brand in 5 Steps

Apr 03, 2018 | in Lifestyle, Business

So you’ve made the leap to start your own business. Before you go further, make sure you have your branding framework in place. You branding is what will set you apart from the crowd and help tell your unique story in a very oversaturated market. Who are you? What’s Your Brand Identity? And most importantly how are you going to show others your brand ethos? Begin by defining these 5 questions.

1. Who are you? Find Brand Clarity.

Before you introduce yourself to the world, ask yourself:

· What's my company?

· What services am I going to offer?

· Why am I interested in this service in the first place?

· What will my service change in this industry?

· What makes me different from everyone else doing this service?

· How would I describe my brand? (colors, emotions, adjectives, nouns, etc)

· What doesn't describe my brand? (colors, emotions, adjectives, nouns, etc)

· What does my dream business look like? 

It’s important to be yourself because no one wants to be called out for being a fake. When you’re honest and genuine, people will listen and connect with you. With social media taking over the world, everyone is looking for a genuine connection, something that isn't automated, something that isn't a bot. 


2. Who’s your ideal client?

RULE OF THUMB: Not everyone is the perfect client. Don't stretch yourself too thin trying to please anyone and everyone who comes your way. 

Ask Yourself:

· How do you describe your perfect client?

· What types of problems does your brand help them solve?

Then ask yourself:

· Can your services help that specific client? If you answer yes, they fall under the perfect client. If you answer no because you need to add specific services that aren't true to your brand, they are not the perfect customer. Be true to your brand and no one else's. It is going to be hard seeing clients walk away from you, but it will be worth it in the end. Master the services that are true to your brand. By mastering those services, your clients will fully understand who you are and will be able to share your brand to friends and family who also need your specific help. 

Find out who and where your clients are (in the real world and social media world) and engage with them. Clients will respond to a relatable story along with someone who is willing to help them with a specific expertise!

3. Why are you different?

· How did you become interested in your service? What is your story and pain point behind your business?

· What are you doing differently than your competition?

· What are you doing the same as your competition - but better?

Whatever it is that makes you different from other trainers, studios, or gyms, tell your community! It’s important in the fitness field to talk about the special benefits of your practice and why clients should invest in you rather than a gym membership. Show your uniqueness and spread good vibes; share your life story, inspirational quotes, and experiences that people can relate to. 

4. How will you market yourself?

Remember who your perfect client is. 

· Where is your perfect client, where do you find them? 

· What social media platforms does your client demographic gravitate towards? 

· Who do your perfect clients follow on their social media pages?

· What brands does your perfect client follow? 

Use your perfect client's favorite brands as marketing inspo! See how their favorite brands appeal to them: what type of imagery they use, verbiage, social media platforms, etc.

Don't forget to be very specific when you're marketing to your perfect client. Offer a very specific answer to a very specific problem that you will be helping them solve. 

· Create an emotional hook

· Identify real client problems and explain the impact of the problem

· Compare your services to current solutions that won't resolve their issues 


5. How will you visually convey your brand?

Logos, brand colors, mantras, etc. Streamline your content to showcase to clients that you’re professional, organized, and prepared to change the way they do fitness. Nowadays, all you need is a social media profile or a website as a business card! GO SESH is the perfect platform that connects your social media accounts and active classes to your perfect clients and their payments all in one area! Join the GO SESH community! 

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