Become a Social Media Pro With These 4 Steps

Apr 03, 2018 | in Lifestyle, Business

The big, fast-paced world of social media can be hard to navigate but we’re to help you.

From the right platforms to use to the photos you post,

we’ll give you the right tips to kill it on social media.

1. What apps do I use?

If you’re going to use one app, use Instagram. It’s an interactive platform that allows you to easily connect with followers and be yourself. If you want to know more about how to grow your following, switch to a business profile. Also, use Facebook because legit the entire world is on there. You can boost posts to huge audiences and really get the word out there about your fitness practice.


2. What should I post?

Post engaging content. Whether it be photos of a delicious recipe, a cool yoga pose, an inspiring quote, post it! However, keep it related to your business. Your dog is cute, but we want to see your fitness lifestyle (maybe post a picture of you and your dog doing yoga!).  Also, it’s about quality over quantity. Take high-res images, if you don’t have a professional camera, that’s okay! Great photos are about lighting and a clean lens. Phone cameras can take awesome photos, just make sure you frame the photo and focus the lens before you snap.


3. How do I gain followers?

Be engaging. If someone comments on your photo, write back! By responding to comments, you’re showing users that you’re open and friendly. More comments = more exposure. Also, follow other people with a similar ethos. Followers of those accounts will check you out because you’ve got a similar vibe.

4. How often to post?

Spread out your posts. One post once a week or every other day is best, especially on Instagram. With the current Instagram algorithm, if someone scrolls past a photo without liking, commenting, or spending a few seconds to look, your photo will be pushed to the bottom of someone’s feed. However, post as much as you want to your Instagram Story! People love seeing someone’s routines; reality is relatable.

Now that you’re a social media know-it-all, get groovin’!

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