3 Sweet Instagram Tools to Use

Apr 05, 2018 | in Business

Design and grow your feed with minimal effort by using these resources.



Need theme inspiration? Want to see how your feed will look with that image? Preview your posts with Preview App. It helps you mock up your feed before your followers see it. Maybe you didn’t realize before that you have three photos of the same yoga pose in a row; with this resource you can make sure that you’re always mixing it up, and build a cohesive feed.



Need reminders for when to post your photos? Use Planoly. You can schedule your posts for any time of the day with your clever caption and hashtags, and when it’s time to post, it will send you a reminder for you to post! Planoly also shows your account analytics, like your most liked post and total comments received, which can help you decide on your next post. If you’re looking for an app that will automatically post your scheduled photo for you, try Schedulgram.



Followers aren’t going to magically appear, you have to hustle. Send direct messages, offer promo codes and other deals to attract new clients, and always share your next class by putting the link in your bio or sending it out directly.  (P.S. GO SESH can create custom promo codes for your clients. We understand the hustle and we want you to thrive.)

Another good trick for growth is hashtagging. Nine hashtags is the optimal number for traction. Not sure of the right ones to use? The tool Display Purpose will curate tags for you when you type in a few words about your image. 

As you grow, remember that it’s about connecting with people rather than collecting them. Stay true to your message and people will flock to you.